14. church and women

So I haven’t been writing as much lately. Partly it’s because I got tired of writing all that negative, pissamistic (my new word) stuff, but also because I’ve just been in a (slightly) better mood lately and it’s harder for me to write whem I’m feeling okay.

I was talking to a good friend of mine (yeah you, Willie B) and he was freaking out because he didn’t know how to handle things going well in his life. As for myself, I’m not feeling euphoric or anything like that. I’d say my emotions are par for the course right now – not great, not junk, just kinda chill. That kind of mood doesn’t invite a lot of writing.

Oh, but here’s some news. I quite my church this week (Olivet Baptist). Well, to be more accurate, I quit the worship team which was the only thing keeping me at the church, thus I quit my church. So now begins the long, tedious process of finding a new church. This is almost as bad as trying to find a date…and now that I think about it, the things I’m looking for in a church are very similar to things I’m looking for in a woman. For example:

smart and funny/relevant: After being a Christian, smart and funny are the two most important things I’m looking for in a woman. By smart, I mean someone who sees the world as it is – good, bad, and fugly. Someone who’s smart enough to know she doesn’t have all the answers (open-minded is probably the third on my list) – someone who likes to ask questions. As for being funny, if they’re smart in the way I just described, they will be hella funny
I also want my church to be smart in the same way. A church that sees the world as it is – there are good things and there are bad things and then there are the Democrats (sorry, couldn’t resist) and a church should be hip to all of it. So many churches see the world only one way – all bad or all good. The world is both. I also want a church that will admit it doesn’t have all the answers. God has all the answers, churches do not but some pastors preach as if they do.

Oka, that’s all for now. More than I thought I was going to write…maybe I’ll continue on this search for woman/church comparison but I’m pooped. I’m going to sleep now. Hope you had a good day.



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