16. don't believe the HYPE! (draft rumors)

Have you heard rumors of a draft bill secretly making its way through congress? Have you read stories like this one which seem to suggest that George Bush has a covert plan to reinstate the draft once re-elected?

Well, to put it bluntly (because the news media ain’t doing it) it’s complete bullshit. Not the bill, the bill is real but what news stories like the one above DON’T tell you is that the bill was authored by New York Democrat, Charles B. Rangel.

Think that’s all? Turns out the bill was defeated on October 5th by an almost unanimous 402 to 2 vote. Rangel didn’t even vote for his own bill and the two that did vote yes were also Democrats.

Think that puts the rumors to rest? Nope. In covering the story, Reuters covers the story by saying that, “House Democrats accused Republicans of a dirty election-year trick”. WTF!! They’re the ones who authored the bill, they’re the only ones who voted for the bill and it’s the Republicans who are playing dirty politics?

All this to say that if you hear someone bring up the issue of the draft, hit them with these facts (facts that the mainstream news media aren’t covering).

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