115. drowning in words

Someone throw me a lifeline, I’m drowning in a sea of unwritten words!

According to the typical NaNoWriMo schedule, I should have been somewhere around 10,000 words on Sunday. Well, it’s Sunday and I’m at the 4500 mark.

I feel like I’m captain of a sinking ship and I just can’t bail water fast enough. I know the reason is I’m looking at every bucket-full of water to see if it’s free of impurities instead of just throwing it all overboard, quality be damned (that’s what editing is for).

It’s not easy turning off the internal critic and just writing like a banshee, but if I’m to have any hope of getting anywhere near 50,000 words, I’m going to have to tie that bastard critic to the mast like his sailors did to Odysseus when sailing past the Sirens. (what’s up with all the boating imagery?)

Blah, writing is dumb.

(My (not so) novel attempt.)


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