135. love, beautiful and true

Being single as long as I have, it’s hard to not feel a little bit envious, a little bit jealous, a little bit sorry for myself when I see a good friend hook up with someone who’s just right for them. But earlier this year, my good friend Rocky fell in love with Alice, but because they were in the mainland, I didn’t get that tinge of jealousy mentioned above.

But this Christmas they came back to Hawaii and I’m not sure how to explain it except to say that they just looked so happy, so purely, blissfully, truly in love that I couldn’t help but be stoked for them both. (I don’t know if you remember this Alice, but) I used to see Alice at the Starbucks near my workplace and she always seemed to be brooding, like there was a cloud over her head and it was always raining. But now, with Rocky, she seems free and buoyant. And Rocky has pretty much always been a positive guy and so the difference isn’t as obvious, but it manifests in his song-writing. Even his guitar playing, which has always been drop-dead amazing, is imbued with new energy and fire and the sickest solos this side of John Scofield or Stevie Ray Hendrix.

I’m so glad for them both.

Oh, and not to turn this blog back to me, but you can actually find a little story thing I wrote for Rocky while he was still in Hawaii and Alice was in California. I wrote it the last night he played at Kapono’s before moving up to Cali and you can find it here at my LoneTomato Sauce blog.

It was great seeing them while they were here. They fly back this week and I wish them traveling mercies and God speed.


One thought on “135. love, beautiful and true

  1. randall, being in love is truly amazing and more than I had ever hoped and dreamed for. I am in awe of God’s great love for me to bless me with such a great person. Rocky truly has been an answer to my prayer that I prayed this past summer before we met. I remember the night I prayed. I was going through such a hard time in my life and i cried out to God like I never have. Times still get tough sometimes and the trails are never ending for us who remain truthful to this spiritual war but God reminds us time and time again that we are not alone. His perfect timing will come for you one day, randall. He loves you and has a perfect plan for you.

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