138. man interrupted

No connection between the title and the movie, I just thought it sounded cool.

It’s odd. I have a kind of writer’s block. More accurately, it’s a writer’s apathy. That kind of surprises me because I thought the advent of the new year would bring a flood of thoughts and words. But they haven’t been forthcoming.

Truth be told, there is a short story idea that’s kind of been sitting on the shelf staring at me, waiting for me to flesh it out and see where it wants to take me, but it’s an odd topic (for me) and I’m not sure why it wants to be told. I only mention this because this has happened before – there was something waiting to be written but I’ve resisted and nothing else came until I got it out. Thing is, those where things I didn’t mind writing. I just didn’t write them because I was busy or lazy. But this idea…I kind of don’t want to go there.

You know, I can’t help but wonder if another reason I haven’t been writing as much lately has to do with the post-trauma of the NaNoWriMo. That event really messed with my self-confidence. It was so outside my normal writing style and the fact that I never once reached my daily writing goal, compounded with the fact that I basically gave up about a week-and-a-half before the end of the event, kind of left me with a mild aversion to writing at all.

I think most of that is out of my system and I’m back to basic procrastination. I’ll get to the story idea I mentioned above soon (probably tomorrow night). I also hope to blog more regularly, if only to exercise the writing muscles in my brain. There are lots of ideas I want to work out and writing is my favorite way to explore them.

Anyway, happy new year everybody! Thanks for reading and here’s to a year of interesting thoughts and innovative short stories.

God bless,


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