146. walking distance

“Everywhere is walking distance, if you have the time.” Stephen Wright

So it’s still too early in the year for me to start running in the morning and my lazy ass is too, well, lazy too run after work. Actually, the running bit isn’t the problem. The problem is that after I get home from running, I rest in front of the television and don’t get up until it’s time to go to bed. Running in the morning leaves me with an energy buzz throughout the day and it also keeps my evenings free for dates (“for what?”).

And so I’ve taken up walking. I started walking during my lunch break. I walk for 40-50mins, anywhere around the streets near the office. And it’s such a low-impact way of exercising, I decided to do some more. And so now I’ve taken up walking to places instead of driving.

Like that movie I blogged about yesterday (see blog 145), I walked there and back – about 30mins each way. And then today I walked to the local ticket outlet where they were selling tickets for the up-coming U2 concert. Bought my tickets then walked to the Manoa Starbucks where I’m sitting now writing this blog entry. After I walk back home, I’ll have logged about 1:30 of walking. Not a bad way to burn calories. Once the sun starts coming up earlier, I’m planning on running in the morning and then walking during my lunch break. That should get me fit and trim just in time for the move to Seattle with my band.

My goal last year was to loose 25lbs. I was around 185(!) then and so the target weight was 160. I got to 165 so I was close. My goal this year is to get down to 150. Actually, weight isn’t as much of an issue as waist size. I want to get back down to fitting into size 32 or (ideally) 30 pants. I’m wearing size 33 pants now, down from 36(!) two years ago.

Exercise is only half the battle, I know. On the diet end, I’m taking smoothies to work. I freeze bananas and blend that with frozen blueberries, vanilla yogurt, and apple juice. I blend it in the morning, keep it in the refrigerator at work and drink it down for lunch (after walking). Not sure how low-calorie this is (any nutrition experts reading?), but it’s got to be better than the plate lunches I used to eat. Only problem is, I get gas near the end of the day, and this is some nasty, funky, ass-crack-halitosis gas. My coworkers haven’t said anything yet but I’ve been noticing lately that they clock out at 5:00:00 exactly, not a second later. Coincidence?

One downside to walking is the time factor. I’ve got to be back home by 12 noon for band practice. It’s 11:10 now and if I had my car, I’d still have time to finish this blog and play a quick game of Yahoo Chess, but as it is, I’d better get myself back out on the road.

Holla if you see me on the road.


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