186. a million thoughts

A million thoughts stirring, stewing in my head.

One by one, that’s the beauty of the writing process. You can only write one sentence at a time.

And so:

1. Spike Lee is one bad ass director. His last movie, 25th hour was great. His new movie, Inside Man, is…I don’t even have the word for it…I mean, all I can say is, top to bottom, shot for shot, line by line, it’s the most amazing movie I’ve seen in a very long time. And if you go see the movie, you might not think it merits such high praise, but that’s part of what’s so amazing about the movie – its restraint, the way Lee plays with audience expectation, the way he uses well worn tools of the cinematic trade in ways that are not so much novel as they are correctly implemented. What I mean is, the movie is a movie’s movie in that it could not have been told as well through another medium.

If you love movies, not action movies, not romantic comedies, not thrillers or mysteries or period pieces – if you love movies, I think you’ll be delighted by Inside Man.

2. I’m getting into the meat of the book, _Decoding The Universe_ by Charles Seife. It’s a book about a new branch of science organized around information theory. And I don’t have my head around the ideas just yet (and I know I never will), but the concepts and the promise of the science behind it all are dazzling.

And I’ve said it before(see blog 66), but when I read about how mind-bogglingly amazing the universe is and how intricately it’s put together, I can not help but worship at the feet of the Creator who put the whole thing together. And I can picture him watching these brilliant minds working with their numbers and theories and their expensive, geeky experiments, and he’s having a ball watching them stumble towards what he already knows.

3. And I haven’t forgotten to get to the second part of my blog about Christianity and art and culture (see blog 184). I’ve just been taking a couple days off from the blog to read and to give myself some mental space for a while. I’ll finish up my writing on this matter soon.


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