188. any requests?

So not only is the new Spike Lee joint, Inside Man, an amazing movie, it opens and closes with a song called “Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint,” sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Sapna Awasthi. Most of it is sung in Hindi but there’s some English rapping by Panjabi MC.

I’ve been playing this freaking song for three days straight and it still puts a huge, stupid smile on my face – it’s just so full of energy and joy and it’s got this funky bass line that just doesn’t quit. And from the translations I’ve seen, it seems like some kind of love song infused with Quranic religious imagery.

But that’s not all I want to write about. There’s something else. And it has to do with…well…blogging. I mean, for the past couple weeks I’ve been on a roll – posting long assed posts three, four, sometimes five of them per week. And there’s been a lot on my mind and it was just spewing out onto the page.

But I’ve been off my game this week. And I’m not sure why. And it’s not that I don’t have things to write about, I actually started a list of topics and ideas that I want to flesh out because I don’t want to forget them.

And I’m wondering if maybe that’s the problem. I mean, maybe worrying about forgetting topics and ideas was something that kept me motivated to get to writing – so that I got it down before I forgot. And maybe by making a list, I’ve lost that incentive because now I have a pool from which to draw.

See, even though I’ve been writing a lot, I’m actually a pretty lazy guy. Left to my own devices, I’d watch Law & Order reruns all night (they’re playing on two channels during the week). That’s by far my favorite television show because I think they have some of the smartest writing. Law & Order, Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, all three of them are amazing in their own way.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I haven’t been blogging as much this week. I mean, every time I thought about sitting down and putting some ideas down, I just got a really bad case of uninspired. And it’s not like that’s stopped me before. Don’t ask me why but there were a lot of blogs where I sat down and started typing without really knowing what I wanted to say.

“Why’d you do that?”

I told you not to ask me.

And does this happen to any of you? You get into something, maybe it’s a new candy bar or a catchy song on the radio or some geeky toy at an electronics store. You get all into this thing but maybe you can’t afford it right now so you can only play with it at the store. Or maybe you love hearing the song on the radio but you’re not sure if you want to buy the entire CD. But then you bite the bullet and you get whatever you were jonesing for and then once you get it, you’re over it.

And I’m wondering if this is what happened once I started keeping a list of things I wanted to write about. I mean, like I said above, maybe being worried about getting the idea down onto the blog before I forgot about it was what kept the blog moving. Maybe starting a list somehow sapped my creative energy, removing the urgency and spontaneity.

Now I suppose I could just delete the blog-idea list, but then what if that wasn’t why I haven’t been blogging as much and I got rid of all those good ideas for nothing. It’s not a long list, but still, there are some juicy ideas in there that need fleshing out.

I don’t know, this is a really pointless, stupid blog entry.

“Yeah, like your other entries are any better.”

Who are you?

Oh, but there was one other thing. If you’ve made it this far down then I guess you’re one of the hundred or so people who visit this blog a couple times per week. And I was just wondering if there was anything any of you wanted to ask me or any topic you wanted to get my opinion on. This is a kind of open invitation to ask the LoneTomato whatever you want. And for those MySpacers out there, if you want to remain anonymous, you can leave your comment on my mirror blog at The LoneTomato Stand.

Or maybe you just want to say something about why you read this thing.

Or maybe you want to leave me a really good chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Or you can just keep reading.

No big whoop.


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