200. me, the wanabe songwriter

There was a time, back in the mid-nineties, when I thought about being a songwriter. I even applied to two music schools that offered song-writing as a major but I didn’t get accepted into either. But I’m glad now because it’s clear to me that I don’t have the economy of words necessary for clear, taut lyrics – trim the bloat from some of my blogs and you’ll be left with nothing but commas and hyphens.

Anyway, my band posted some new songs on our MySpace page and one of them is a song I wrote for the band called, “We Are Free.” I like it because through the song, I got to express some of my frustrations with the way church gets played out today – how the freedom to make mistakes is kind of built into the Gospel, but a lot of churches don’t talk allow for that. And that’s sad because I think God wants life to be lived in all of its messy glory.

“We Are Free”

There was a time when you
thought all their words were true
Wrong and right were
black and white as a rule

But the world is wide as
the girl in the bubble was small
And you could not resist
when you heard curiosity call

And you found some things beautiful
and you found some things depraved
And you learned to be cynical
but you also learned how to be brave

They would call you
the prodigal daughter who
Ran from home
before her time was due

Could it be in the scheme of things
it’s just part of some grand design
Could it be we’re just waiting for
all the water to turn into wine

We are free


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