341. my glasses


So I just got done with my second trimester at Mars Hill Graduate School. I have more lengthy posts I really want to get to, but to be honest, I need a brain break.

But I want to get back to posting at least one entry per week.

And so this is kind of a simple, random post about me and my glasses.


From a very young age, I wanted to wear glasses. I remember in elementary school, I’d see a classmate show up one day with glasses on and what always impressed me was how different they looked. It was just the simple addition of glasses, but it’s like they looked like a different person – usually a smarter, more attractive person. And so I figured if I could wear glasses then maybe I could look smarter and more attractive. But I had 20/20 vision and it’s hard to talk a parent into buying you glasses if you have perfect vision.

Around my sophomore year in college, I was finally able to save up enough spare cash to buy myself glasses. My vision was still excellent so I got glasses without any prescriptive adjustment on them. And I loved them. It was awkward when a friend, seeing me with glasses for the first time, would ask if I was near sighted or far sighted.

I now wear “real” glasses. My vision isn’t horrible – I can almost pass the driving vision test without them – but you’ll just about never see me without them. I have four pairs and I choose between them based on what I’m doing that day. I don’t think I’ll ever wear contacts. The thought of sticking something onto my eyeball frankly freaks me out. And besides, I like glasses so why would I want to deal with the hassle of cleaning/moistening/replacing contacts?

Here’s my arsenal:

From BlogPhotos

(described in reverse order – note the numbers)

4. This is one of the first pair of actual prescription glasses that I bought. I use these when I exercise because I don’t care about sweating all over them. I keep them clean and so they’ve held up really well. Of course, it also helps that I don’t really exercise on a regular basis.

3. These are my studying, paper writing glasses. I always feel extra smart when wearing these. I swear my IQ jumps a few points just by putting them on.

2. I would like these glasses a lot more if they fit my face better. They’re designed for someone with a taller bridge between their eyes. I’m Asian so my nose really isn’t tall enough to make these glasses comfortable. When I wear them, I have to clean the lenses a lot because my eyelashes brush up against them. I usually wear these when I’m wearing a hat because I don’t like the way my favorite pair of glasses look with a hat.

1. These are my favorite glasses. They fit well and if my IQ goes up when I wear number pair number 3, my hip factor goes up when I wear these. I almost missed out on getting them. When I picked them up from Lens Crafters, the salesperson said that a few minutes after I bought my pair, another customer came in asking for “those Malcolm X glasses,” but I had the last pair.


3 thoughts on “341. my glasses

  1. Wow, dude. I had no idea you were that into eyewear. 🙂 I’ve seen you ’round home with what looked like different glasses from time to time but it never clicked that you’d actually have several pairs.

    I had glasses myself my freshmen year of college to correct an astigmatism in my right eye, though my left was 20/15. But… i lost them within two weeks. 😛

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