348. utopia?

A few years ago, I put up a series of posts I called, simply, “Christians.” The basic idea was that the work of the Kingdom of God was/is being done, not just by those who call Christ Lord and Savior, but also by those who do not make such a faith proclamation. In fact, there are non-christians who are doing the work that many Christians aren’t doing. So partly to highlight examples of this and party as critique of the Body of Christ, I started putting up links to talks by people who are doing Kingdom work (though they would call it something else entirely).

And so I bring you, Steve Lambert and a talk he did about utopia, not as place, but as process – utopia as a direction towards a future where freedom and possibility abound. He speaks of moving in this direction not through force or coercion or guilt-laden polemic, but through whimsy, creative subversion, and (though he might not use the word) through parable.

On a side note, Lambert’s work reminds me a lot of a friend of mine, Nate Chung – a Christian artist who’s also working on fanciful ways of bringing life into the world through art. Years ago I got to participate in one of his “performance art” pieces in Hawaii. I did a write up of that event here.

But finally, here’s Lambert’s talk:

(If the embeded video doesn’t work, click here.)


One thought on “348. utopia?

  1. good stuff, Randall. Really appreciate your thoughts here.

    Though I wonder if a more accurate tag would be something to the tune of ‘Kingdom building’ or ‘looks like jesus’….as I think many (who may or may not self-identify as Christian) still struggle with the connotations of the ‘Christian’ labeling (at least, is the case for myself…).

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