353. play in church?

Try this little experiment.

Watch the video below, but make these adjustments:

  • When the speaker says, “Bulgaria,” replace it with the words, “the Church.”
  • When he says, “EU,” replace it with, “America.”
  • And when he says, “business,” replace it with, “cultural impact.”

For example, when he says, “Bulgaria is last in the EU in business,” replace it with, “the Church is last in America in cultural impact.”

And I think it’s worth watching through this lens because I think the solution to the problems in Bulgaria is similar to the solution needed for the Church.

What do you think?


One thought on “353. play in church?

  1. Nice comparison. The rote education in 5:13 that he talks about is how we’ve been taught to ‘do’ church as mindless, robotic workers unable to adapt. Sometimes I think we think that if we stray too far from what we’ve been doing for so long, we’ll lose sight of who we are as a denomination/worshipping community. But I think we’re also called to be creative, to re-imagine who and whose we are in the ways we ‘do’ church and in doing so, discover fresh ways that God is moving in and through us.

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