371. #RemoveOneLetterFilms


I’m trying (again) to get back into the habit of posting at least one new post per week. These past two weeks, I’ve put up two monster posts – one about reading the Bible through a hermeneutic of love in relationship and another about sex.

(Guess which one got more hits.)

In order to give a break to both myself and my readers, this week is a short, softball post.

Hope you like it.


A few weeks ago, I began to see Twitter hashtag on my feed. And it was hilarious.


So basically, the idea is, you take a film title, remove one letter, and give a brief description of what this newly titled film might be about. Really simple and the results were surprisingly clever and hysterical.

I retweeted some of my favorites

  • Rnoon112 posted:
    Full Meta Jacket – A movie about a movie about a jacket.
  • perry_isaiah posted:
    check out some of these #removeoneletterfilms Here’s mine:”Cloudy With a Chance of Eat Balls”

And then I started coming up with some of my own:

And finally, the two that I’m most proud of:

And as you can see, some people even modified movie posters:

It was a great way to waste an afternoon – the perfect way to unwind during grad school summer break.


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