385. updates (July 2013)


I know I’ve been silent for a few weeks months, but I do have reasons excuses as to why.


Photo by: Kate

In no particular order:

Re: the LoneTomato808 Blog reboot.

Ever since I’ve been on Facebook, I’ve posted articles that interest me. I put up news articles, humorous images, stuff about science, stuff about the church, and anything else that I think more people should know about. And sometimes the links I post up get a lot of likes and comments and sometimes nothing. And there have been a number of times (either at my job at The Q Cafe or while I was still in grad school or just among my friends) when people have come up and told me how much they enjoy the things I post.

And then at some point, I realized that only my Facebook friends were able to see the links I was posting up. And if a lot of my friends were enjoying it, I wondered what would happen if I made these links accessible to people outside of fb. And that’s when I decided to turn the LoneTomato808 Blog into a curated link repository.

Now that I’ve graduated, a lot of people ask me what’s next for me. And I tell them that I would love to be a writer. It’s basically why I decided to stay in Seattle. And I think that my Best Practices blog has the best chance of making that dream come true. My hope is that eventually my LT808 site will draw a wide range of people and that as this happens, I’ll be able to insert links from my other sites to drive traffic there. (Basically, I’m trying to cast as wide net as possible, to give new readers as many ways of finding me as I can.)

The easy, sensible thing to do would be to start posting new fb links to the LT808 site. But then I got a crazy idea. Instead of starting from scratch, I decided to go back to January of 2013 and re-post everything I had posted up on my Facebook wall. At the time, I didn’t realize what a monumental task this was. 200+ links later, it became abundantly clear that I spend way too much time on the internet.

I thought this process would take a few days. It took weeks.

But I’m finally done!

There’s still work to be done, but at least all the links are there.

Now that that’s out of the way, I hope to have some fresh content here as well as on the Best Practices site.